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Is 0818 an Irish Number?

A non-geographic Irish 0818 number is available. Callers usually pay all charges. All 1890 numbers have been renumbered to 0818. All 1890 numbers have been changed to an 0818 one. Ireland’s numbers for phone are comprised of 13 numbers. These numbers are divided into three groups: Cork (21) Cork 21 (21), Galway (91). ComReg manages Ireland’s numbering scheme. It assigns operators this website Ajoxi and Lets Dial.


Open numbering allows different numbers to be generated in Ireland. These countries have a different logic to the UK, which relied on alphanumeric numbers and town names. Both Irish mobile and non-geographic numbers can be dialed at the same time. They do NOT support local dialing. All mobile calls, including outside of your local area, or The trunk Prefix 0.  For mobile phone calls or to use VoIP systems, an area code and a number are required. A trunk prefix cannot be included 0. This is the structure of the Irish numbering The length of Irish area numbers can vary, with the possible exception of the leading one (the leading zero). Subscriber numbers can vary from five to seven characters. Ireland has local dialing. Geographical numbers cannot begin with 0 or 1 (trunk number prefix), or 999 and 999 (emergency phone prefix). You must dial the area number. Migration to a standard format (is in progress. The process of migrating to a common format () is underway. This is done to avoid disruption.

Number formats

The lengths and formats of the Irish geographic numbers are subject to variation, but they all follow the same format within each codes. Prefixes are also known as area code. They are separated by spaces. Sometimes brackets can be used. These clusters may be separated by spaces or hyphens. ComReg recommends spaces compatible with internet services. This includes linking via mobile browser to a number, copying to cell diallers, as well as linking to the number from a mobile browser. Other characters like “or” cannot be used in conjunction with . Subscriber numbers are not the same thing as prefixes and area numbers 308 area code and 339 area code.

Calls to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland belongs to the UK numbering plan. Northern Ireland however has an arrangement that allows Northern Irish landlines from within the UK. Two options exist for calling Northern Ireland. You have two options when calling Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland’s mobile phone network has the same numbering and network as the rest of the UK. All calls must be made by dialing.

Mobile numbering

At the beginning of the 1990s, the mobile numbering was seven digits. Future changes possible 7-digits denote all local numbers starting at 01. They could change later to 8. The future numbering plan in Ireland was subject to public consultation. You can also read this blog for free IVR for android and click it.

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